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But, what exactly IS it?!


Zingles is a public event – held at a local venue – for single folks interested in engaging socially and interacting with others, toward community-building, and the magical possibility of discovering true connection.

Zingles events feature a comfortable, fun-spirited atmosphere for socialising, making new acquaintance, and for some….. possibly even choosing to play….


The Game of Love


(your choice, your way: always)


‘It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that ZING!’


ZINGLES came to me, in a flash of ‘loving inspiration’, after re-kindling my relationship with my girlfriend. Basking in our own pleasure of simply being together in true, natural connection, we agreed: wouldn’t it be great, if more of our many single friends could experience something like the connection we enjoy every day.


I thought: why not organise a comfortable, fun-spirited social event for single folks in our community here on the Sunshine Coast. In contrast to other tacky singles nights I occassionally see rising up short-term, here and there, I suggested it would be great to create a sunstainable singles event that felt comfortable, naturally unfolding, and enjoyable right through. The goal would simply be to get a bunch of good people together, for an enjoyable social evening together, at a cool venue. There would be structure, fun interactive games, in a naturally-run social atmosphere, all in the spirit of meeting and creating an active singles sommunity, together.


All in the spirit of fun!


We would choose a quality venue to host our event. I envisioned ‘good people without partners’, of all walks of life, stepping out into the light, coming together, toward connection, in the name of openness, fun and joy.


Caught up with single parenting and living a full music life, a couple of years slipped by. One day, I stumbled onto a crinkled up piece of nearly-forgotten paper. It was my original notes for the Zingles idea.


With great pleasure, I welcome you to the realised vision. Welcome to the great game of Love – be it kindness in fresh friendship, brief acquantance-ship, or suddenly-discovered true love.


Welcome to ZINGLES!


Warmly, Jay Bishoff (Your Host)